Born in Ste. Adèle and raised in Verdun, Québec, David Bertschi learned from an early age the importance of hard work, perseverance and honesty. It’s the foundation of who he is today and it’s what he is bringing to the race for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

David is not a career politician. He has spent his life working in the private sector, giving him firsthand experience creating jobs and building strong communities. He has also served as a Crown Prosecutor and prosecutor for the Ontario Human Rights Commission, where he fought relentlessly to safeguard our communities.


David is a founding partner at Bertschi Orth Solicitors and Barristers LLP, a legal practice in Ottawa-Orléans.  He has practiced law since 1985, authored numerous articles and spoken at various high profile conferences throughout Canada and the United States. He was appointed Chair of the International Practice and Substantive Section by the Federation of Defence and Corporate Counsel in 2008. Throughout his legal career, David has also taught a series of courses ranging in business and insurance law for Carleton University, the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian and Ontario Bar Association, the Carleton County Law Association, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and many other organizations.


After being involved in the Liberal Party for more than thirty years, David won the Liberal Party of Canada nomination for the riding of Ottawa-Orléans in September of 2009. David received 24,649 votes, which represents the fifth highest number of votes obtained by Liberal Party of Canada Candidates during the 2011 federal election.

David has been actively involved in his community through a number of organizations, including the Citizen Advocacy and the Resource Centre for the Handicapped. He has also supported a number of sports and cultural groups in the community (Cumberland Panthers, Orléans Young Players Theatre Group, Music Alive and Cumberland soccer, hockey and baseball associations).

David graduated from Carleton University (BA) in 1980, and from the University of Windsor (LLB) in 1983. David and his wife Debbie reside in Ottawa-Orléans, where they raised six children.


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