David Bertschi withdraws from the Liberal Leadership race

During these past few months as I travelled coast to coast by car in weather only a Canadian could enjoy, I have been fortunate enough to meet many incredible Canadians who graciously accepted to share their views and concerns with me.

This experience has reinforced my desire to improve the lives of each and every Canadian.

Throughout my campaign I have been an advocate  for Liberal values.

My enduring commitment to these values has led me make the decision to step down from the Liberal Leadership race.

I will be forever touched and deeply grateful for the encouragement and contributions I have received throughout my campaign,

Unfortunately I did not reach the critical mass of support I had hoped to achieve before going into the Montréal debate weekend.

As I have said throughout this contest, we must all put the interests of our Party and Country first.

I am more determined to rebuild and unify the Party, so it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to step aside so that our party and country can focus on the issues and the remaining candidates.

I chose to run in order to draw attention to the need for developing  strong policy and reform ideas for the Liberal Party of Canada and our country.

Given the attention and focus of support it appears that removing my candidacy from contention is in the best interest of the Liberal Party of Canada.

I still maintain today that there is no monopoly on good ideas and we must strive to work with all levels of government and all political parties once elected for the greater good of our great country and Canadians..

Though I will no longer be a candidate in this race I remain undaunted in my commitment to the Liberal Party and its values.

I remain focused on rebuilding the party and in reinforcing our capacity to represent all Canadians thought my policy initiatives including, Liberal Party 2.0, PharmaCare, CanadAid, Muscular Peacekeeping, investing in all Canadians by providing the climate for them and SME’s to reach their full potential, fair trade and respect for Aboriginal peoples and the environment.

I have believed in this party for thirty years, and I intend to continue pushing for modernisation, grassroots engagement, and sound, evidence-based policy.

I would like to thank the countless individuals who have stood behind me and lent me their support throughout my travels.

To my supporters and my family and the dedicated team who helped me accomplish so much – I thank you all.

I would also like to thank the many Canadians for their  investment of time, ideas and money all of which have been invaluable.

While leadership is sometimes defined by rising up to a significant challenge, I believe that in these circumstances, true leadership is about making the right decision.

You can continue to visit my web site at www.davidbertschi.ca to review my policies, speeches, commentary and to assist in reducing leadership related debt for which you will receive a tax credit.

Thank you,


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